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Today, October 4th, is National Taco Day… of course! It’s Taco Tuesday!

National Taco Day started in 2009 by the restaurant chain Del Taco, although it’s been recorded to have been informally popularized in the 1980’s by a number of chains on the west coast.

The popular cookbook “Ramona’s Spanish-Mexican Cookery” mentions a recipe for tacos in 1929.

Taco Bell was founded (or the recipe stolen, in some stories) in 1962 and was initially located in Los Angeles.

In a recent poll, 26% of respondents state that their favorite taco filling is carne asada, 24% likes barbacoa. 71% preferred tacos over burritos. And Mission brand tortillas are the overwhelming favorite!

Note: The best corn tortillas in the Heights are in front of the deli counter, in an ice chest at the Hurrican! 1st come everyday and they won’t last until dinner!

So let’s all get out and check some local eateries offering tacos today. Check out a full list of where to find Tacos in the Heights @


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