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Homeward Property Management provides Superior Concierge management services, such as rental listings, home sitting, tenant procurement, home watch and Property Management

Marketing: With an aggressive marketing program we are able to list homes for rent on over 250 sites including but not limited to, MLS, Zillow,, Trulia, AHRN (military), Craig’s list, Hotpads, HomeRentals, etc…  Our robust CRM system tracks information that retains possible tenants and all inquiries receive real responses from our team.

Screening: We screen applicants on-line with a 10 part screening process, giving us an almost immediate response to a potential renters’ qualifications. This includes criminal, credit, job stability, rent to income ratio, identity check using social security verification, sexual predator list, interstate criminal, noncompliance and past rental history, Interpol and terrorist watch list.  We also perform personal interviews in which you can chose to participate.

Home Watch: We check on our vacant properties on a regular basis and have an ability to do a home watch to make sure that your vacant home is not being ‘squatted’, a pipe has busted, your mail needs to be collected or  your plants need watering on a regular basis.  As a management feature, each 6 months we could setup your home on our CRM platform for on-line inspections.  On-line inspections will provide you with access to photos taken at the time of the inspeciton and all information pertaining to the home’s condition.

Technology: At Homeward, utilizing Propertyware software, a state of the art on-line management service, we have established a very comrehensive database so that owners, tenants and the property management team can see in “real time” as rents, repairs, requests and notices are processed.

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