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So you are thinking about a move? Making a plan is the best first step of making sure that the transition goes smoothly and that you realize top dollar for your investment and realize all of your objectives.

Most people have heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote… “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  It can’t be more true in this circumstance. There will be multiple events taking place that could significantly impact your lifestyle over a short period of time. Note that you do not have every detail specified about of each concurrent step at this point of the journey, but just a broad understanding of your objectives. 

Plans also need to be flexible and adaptable to take advantage of opportunities and navigate unexpected challenges. Therefore, the Initiate step should gather core data and help define your overall objectives in making the move. So at the end of the day you end up where you want to be.

You will need to address subjects like

  • Why are you making the move, or is there any way to achieve your objective without selling your home.
  • Determine your general equity by identifying amounts owed on any mortgage or liens and comparing to what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.
  • When will be the optimal timeframe of the entire move – What month do you want to be moved into your next home?
  • Where will be the optimal place to move next? Locally, regionally, nationally or internationally?
  • Who will the move impact and how. Consider all members of the household including kids & pets.


Bringing these concepts to the table before taking the next step, or before employing any additional assistance will enable you to better understand your priorities in accomplishing your objectives.