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Home Sales in 33605 Since 2016

Most folks in the Tampa metro area know, The Heights home sales have exploded over the recent years. Efforts to renovate and rejuvenate this historic community has lead to both economic growth and gentrification, both good and bad.

Recently a friend of mine asked how home sales have impacted the Zip Code 33605 since 2016, and I thought it was worth taking a look. Ybor City, Ybor Heights and VM Ybor have seen some of the same types of growth more recently. This community offers some of the same historic architecture but a unique character as compared to other historic areas of town.

Many homeowners are happy to call Ybor home and should be pleased with their investment in this community. As of the beginning of the year, existing home values have increased about 91.5% since 2016 with the average home sold then at about $88k as compare to the average home sale of $170k in 2020.

New construction is ramping up in the neighborhood as well, replacing homes that had too little value and too much deferred maintenance to restore. New construction home sales have increased 316% since 2016 with an average price of $267k so far this year.

The Ybor neighborhoods continue to be a very desirable, unique & affordable place to search for a home to buy! Home sellers will also have almost doubled their investment over the last 5 years! Check out all of the details below:

Existing Home Sales – Zip Code 33605